Laila Mignoni

Global Head Brand Marketing , Bacardi

Laila has spent her 20+ year career using creativity to create growth and drive change. She is also a fierce champion of creative excellence, which is evident in her success as Global Head of Communications at Bacardi.  Under Laila's leadership, Bacardi has seen substantial growth globally. She has shaped some of Bacardi's most celebrated work, establishing Bacardi as "the Most Creatively Awarded Global Brand" in the spirits industry, receiving over 180 awards including seven Cannes Lions in the last five years. A Moroccan woman herself, Laila is also a passionate champion of diversity and inclusion, and she ensures this comes through in all that Bacardi does.  Most recently, Laila led the charge on the latest "Music Liberates Music" platform, an ongoing series designed to champion underrepresented voices in the music industry. Last year, the program shined a light on the shocking statistic that only 2% of music producers are female - a stat that hit close to home for Laila. In efforts to combat that, BACARDIÃÅ developed a first-of-its-kind NFT mixtape, allowing fans to purchase original songs and receive a percentage of its streaming royalties. This new disruptive model allows fans and artists to share in the success of the music they love. The program sold 560+ NFTs and helped drive awareness of the partnered female producers with 237% increase in mentions.  Laila embraces complexity and unknown territory, always looking to learn and lean into something new to push BACARDI and those around her to the next level.