Zulu Alpha Kilo


Those who know Zulu know that it is as ethical as it is creative. Zulu’s staff come to work each day feeling like they are part of a movement to fix much of what is wrong with the industry at large.

The agency has committed itself to diversity and inclusion in several ways. It launched its 20Doors Scholarship Fund, covering the college tuition for four BIPOC candidates annually for five years at a cost of $250,000. Zulu was one of the first shops to sign our country’s Call for Equity letter issued by POCAM (People of Colour in Advertising & Marketing). The agency monitors staff diversity, including at the management level, and reports to senior management on the gender split and the percentage of visible minorities. ZAK actively recruits at the executive level for women and people of colour in its goal to achieve better representation. The implementation of gender pronouns means that staff can show up as who they truly are. They are inspired to push the boundaries, be brave, take risks, and most importantly, be themselves through initiatives like the agency’s Bravery Talks, Women in Leadership workshop, and the celebration of Pride Week, Black History Month, and Transgender Day.