Zeno Group

United States

During the firm’s 25th anniversary, Zeno grew in myriad and meaningful ways with global revenue rising 4% to $144M. Specialist practice areas that drove YOY growth include employee engagement, food and beverage, and analytics - all posting significant increases due to new client wins and organic growth from a solid client base.

Reimagined partnerships continue at the firm with the launch of Zeno China Consulting, built in China with an emphasis on C-suite strategic communications back by Zeno’s global network. Additional launches include “Zeno Agility” - a new suite of proven advisory services to help companies act with speed to build and protect their business while still progressing on societal topics. New research from the firm - Zeno’s study of US Workers showed disconnect between senior leaders and what middle managers want and need to be successful and to retain them. Another study, global in scale, revealed a crisis of confidence for many companies as they try to navigate societal issues while still protecting reputations. Zeno took action to live its purpose donating $1.7 million in pro bono time, closing its office for the fifth year to donate 1000+ hours across 14 globally and launched its second annual ESG Report.