Wunderman Thompson

United Kingdom

The trouble with agencies is that they tend not to prioritize marketing. That was until Wunderman Thompson started applying the principles that govern its award-winning client work to its own business.

Under the leadership of Global Chief Growth & Marketing Officer Naomi Troni, Wunderman Thompson has assembled a team of forward-thinking marketers aimed at making it the most inspirational company in the world. Using Wunderman Thompson’s mission of inspiring growth as its guiding principle, the Global Marketing Team (GMT) comprises T-shaped experts spanning multiple specialisms from design, strategy and content creation through to social media, communications and CRM. Always focused on actionable innovation, the GMT has set a new bar for agency marketing with an impressive number of achievements in 2021. Whether it’s delivering world-class thought-leadership, pioneering virtual events at the height of the pandemic, harnessing the power of Account Based Marketing (ABM), or launching its very own metaverse, the GMT are expert brand builders, value creators and growth drivers. In the last year alone, the GMT has created impactful and effective marketing that not only sets Wunderman Thompson apart, but also acts as an example to clients around the world of the raw power of inspiration.