United Kingdom

As our Vice Chairman, Bob Greenberg (of R/GA) said, "Whalar has evolved over the past two years into an innovation company fueled by and in partnership with creators."

As a proof point, we made the E2E Tech 100 list — an independently verified list of innovative companies in the UK (where we’re headquartered). Our 280% average sales growth rate over the previous two years (21/22) put us at number 10 on the list. Whalar is chiefly involved in creator marketing, but we’re always evolving with, and even influencing the future of, the Creator Economy. Never more so than this year with our six refreshed lines of business: brand x creator campaigns, talent management, proprietary AI-infused tech solutions, a creator-centric venture studio, a gaming studio, and a physical campus for creators. The digital innovation that we offer, that grows our clients' businesses, is driven by people. Creative people - in the form of content creators. Today they are innovating beyond content. Beyond the social platforms they started on. They’re launching their own platforms and product lines and tech. They're commanding attention, changing culture, and taking audiences with them. And no one knows how to harness the power of creators like Whalar.