Wavemaker Asia-Pacific

Since inception, Wavemaker Asia-Pacific was created to be a vibrant, energetic and entrepreneurial business, landing ourselves as the 2nd largest agency network in the region in just three years since launch.

It has been a year of exceptional growth, in terms of new business (127 new client wins), new capabilities (scaled performance and content practices), new geographies (2 new offices), and the associated increase in billings and revenue. This has been achieved through uncompromising focus on recruiting and nurturing the best talent in the industry, while creating an environment and culture that empowers every Wavemaker to learn, grow and thrive. This encourages people to bring their passion to their work and ‘positively provoke’ growth for our clients, as demonstrated through our award-winning body of work. Every single APAC market is led from the front – building culture, capability, performance and consistency across the region.