United States

In 2021, VMLY&R experienced our most transformative business year building Connected Brands by expanding capabilities, evolving talent profiles, creating innovative work, enriching our dynamic agency culture, and bolstering revenue.

VMLY&R’s marketing and communication team steered the continued growth of key opportunities that enabled the agency to connect with clients, prospects, partners, peers and the industry-at-large. We also cautiously waded into hybrid opportunities that activated our connectivity on multiple dimensions and ushered us to begin a transition to return-to-office in 2022. This year alone, VMLY&R has received a cavalcade of recognition. As we adapted and pushed our programming and content to fit virtual platforms, we created new opportunities and expanded our reach within the US and well beyond. The agency’s internal and external strategies also matured to more holistically integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion goals as a matter of business longevity and to better reflect our values as an organization. On annual Worldwide Foundation Day, VMLY&R offices set aside normal business, roll up their sleeves and set out to make a difference. The result is a remarkable 24-hour period of giving back. The communications and marketing team have rocketed into the 2022 with continued momentum. From headlines to headline, and cultural building events, we continue to activate our 360-degree marketing and communications strategy to cement VMLY&R’s reputation as a leading agency network. We look forward to 2022, as we continue to push our strategies and reach further goalposts.