Toygun Yılmazer

Agency: TBWA\Group Istanbul


As the Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA\Istanbul, Toygun Yılmazer leads teams across three agencies and six business units, also serving as the Regional Strategy Leader for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His career is marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation, pioneering solutions, and transformative business ventures. Under Toygun’s strategic guidance, his team was honored as Turkey’s Strategic Planning Team of 2023, a testament to their significant contributions to achieving outstanding business results for the agency and its clients.

Under Toygun’s guidance, the introduction of groundbreaking initiatives, such as a cultural shifts conference, a new podcast series, an AI-based product, and global strategy consultancy services, has not only advanced the agency's expertise but also opened new revenue streams. These efforts have positioned TBWA\Istanbul as a leader in strategic innovation, underlining Toygun's pivotal role in the agency's achievements. Throughout 2023, Toygun's contributions extended beyond local success, benefiting TBWA offices worldwide. His dedication to industry growth and nurturing future talent underscores his significant influence on both the agency and the broader strategic planning discipline.