Tom Martin & Julian Schreiber

Special Australia


Sometimes 1+1 can equal 10. That's the power of the partnership of joint Chief Creative Officers Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber. Together they creatively lead not just Special Group Sydney, but Melbourne and LA. They proudly mentor creatives and CDs around the world. From Sydney, they lead Uber Eats as its worldwide CCOs. Tom and Julian have over 20 years marketing experience, leading in agencies, both in Australia and overseas. In 2021, they won 15 different Agency of the Year awards. They led not one but two U.S. Super Bowl campaigns from Australia. They won the Grand Effie for the world’s most effective Tourism campaign. Together they have built their own independent creative model with one creative culture working across 5 countries. Identifying one of the industry’s unspoken challenges - clearly sharing ideas, Tom and Julian created a new tool for the industry called ‘Glass and Clay’. A system to differentiate what executional elements are essential for an idea not to shatter (glass) versus those that are malleable, letting the idea remaining intact (clay). Tom & Julian not only use ‘Glass & Clay’ within Special,, but teach it widely. It’s impact on people’s ability to work on ideas together has been profound.