The Brooklyn Brothers

United Kingdom

2021 - the year the industry recognised The Brooklyn Brothers for not only great work but all-round business performance, leadership and impact it had on talent, clients, industry and broader global culture (reaching 24 markets). Top highlights:

1.Impact for global clients - Work helped brands Rise Above the Noise and earn a place in culture, driving brand equity and growth. 2.Impact on culture – instigated a global conversation about race among parents (Dear White Parents); inspired leaders to write the future (FT) and showed GenZ we can unfck the world and drive social and climate change (Youtube). 3.Impact of agency – Brooklyn’s most awarded year: recognised for creativity & effectiveness (Campaign Big, Diamond SABRE’s & Drum Best Auto for MINI) agency of the year awards (Drum Network AOTY, Campaign Global AOTY Top 5, UK Top 3) and TV awards for Ted Lasso (Critics Choice, Emmy’s and Golden Globes). 4.Impact on desire for global earned advertising – More brands wanted earned advertising… globally Brooklyn attracted 60+ new opportunities (+65%) – meaning we turned many away. 5.Impact on growth – Welcomed 11 new clients globally (new business billings £13m). 6.Impact on women in advertising - Jackie’s WACL presidency & ‘Power-up to act’ strategy delivered global training for young talent, launched flexible-first initiative and lobbied government to reinstate gender pay reporting. 7.Impact on D&I – Attracted (98) diverse talent into the industry through Night-School and News-School programmes (UK & US). 100% entry-level staff from diverse backgrounds and gender pay improved from 33% to 18%.