In 2021, TBWA had its greatest year of growth in the company’s history. We’ve hired more people than ever before in a single year—bringing in talent with the skills to take us to our next horizon. We elevated a new generation of leaders that’s exceptionally talented, gender balanced and more diverse. We evolved our Disruption methodology to be rooted in commercial impact and retrained 10,000 people on our new approach. We landed some of the biggest new business prizes of the year, earned a global win-to-loss ratio of 5:1, retained all of our top 20 global clients, and expanded our relationships across 65% of these businesses.

And we went from a year of Covid-19 navigation into a year of innovation. Above all, we showed that creativity has the power to shape business, humanity and culture. By constantly evolving, we’re proving that the best agencies can redefine their place in the world and reclaim their seat at the leadership table. We ticked every box in 2021: growth, new business, talent, diversity & inclusion and of course, the work.