Talented Agency began 18-months ago as a response to the creative cynicism and conservative growth mindset plaguing the agency business.

We wanted to re-imagine the agency experience. Not just in the brands we chose to work with, or the talent we attracted, but right down to how as an agency we intend to do business, everyday. We’re building an ambitious, world-class, creative company with a big heart. Our internal policies - right from No follow ups, to skin-in-the-game, corrected credit culture, to flexible hours are signals for the entire industry on how to bet on creativity & not against it. In our first year of existence, we emerged with 3 Cannes Lions and placed in the top 2 alongside Ogilvy at India’s biggest advertising show - Kyoorius. We’re building the agency of our dreams, one that we can all rally behind, and make us love this business all over again.