Susanne Grundmann

OMD Germany


In January 2020, Susanne Grundmann’s vision was clear: Become the leading media agency in Germany by 2023 – driven by billings but also by innovation and talent. Two months later, Corona has the world firmly in its grip. So how do you reach such ambitious goals despite the challenges of a global pandemic? According to Susanne it comes down to three things. (1) Culture of collaboration: When the world is distancing, OMD Germany is moving together closer than ever, transforming a decentralized way of working into professional content communities beyond boundaries of physical locations, shaping a culture of faster knowledge transfer. (2) Empowerment: From commitment to personal involvement, from development to empowerment – as sponsor of the global talent management committee, Susanne drives female leadership and talent equality. (3) Investing in client relationship, innovation and transformation: new structures for strategy, insights, creation, research and digital expertise made OMD Germany a global business driver and center of excellence for international brands with German headquarters, attracted 24 new clients, lowered churn rate to just 0.2% and made OMD Germany’s most awarded media agency in 2021. While the market leadership in terms of billings is within reach, OMD is already the innovation leader of the German market. Looks like Susanne’s vision could come true a year early.