Sue-Anne Lim



Sue-Anne is a growth-driven leader with 19 years of strategy experience, leading businesses, and brand transformation for small to large organisations. She is experienced in start-up businesses, SME-size and corporate settings across most verticals from B2C to B2B models. Sue-Anne is a master graduate in Psychology and founder of 3 consulting firms of which 2 were acquihired and has strong experience in leading clients into growth space with strategic branding and integrated marketing capabilities. She also has first-hand experience in post-merger cultural integration and raising business value for acquisition. Her ambition is to continuously lead and grow alongside companies that prioritise strategic thinking, growth, and ethical values.

Sue-Anne was tasked to transform Trapper, a 20-year old founder's company to a strong independent integrated solutions agency in one year despite on-going pandemic challenges. Her achievements are: 1. Improved business performance with 26 wins in one year, which contributes to 2x of existing billing. Further recognised by RECMA as the best progression agency in Malaysia in 2021 2. Introduced proprietary methods and tools for Trapper to increase resource efficiency and capture data for accurate business decisions making 3. Improved staff productivity and introduced industry-first 'Pitch Detox' to provide respite to fatigued staff 4. Improved agency reputation and credibility - the Transformation of Trapper being the top 2 most read news in Marketing Magazine in 2021 5. Lead and operationalised the positioning of 'The Growth Engineers' in Trapper's total rebranding exercise across 3 business areas - performance, people and process