Special Sydney


2021 levelled the playing fields for Agencies around the world. With nearly all of us working from home, geography no longer mattered. All that did was talent and culture.

And so it was the year that Special Sydney truly made its global mark. We took Australian creativity to nine international markets, being named Uber Eats’ agency-of-record in North America and Canada and went on to make a top ten Super-Bowl spot. We won 48 awards across the globe for creativity, culture, innovation and effectiveness. 15 of these were for Agency Of The Year. We won 14 back to back new business wins, growing our revenue by 41% and increasing profits by 104%. And we opened doors to Special in both Melbourne and LA, reimagining what a truly unified global Agency network looks like in today’s new world. It was one special year, that simply showed what culture and talent are truly capable of.