Shehan Samarasinha


Sri Lanka

Known as a “planning head with a creative heart”, Shehan Samarasinha holds the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Triad, Colombo. Shehan has contributed to several milestones in the Sri Lankan ad industry being the 1st Independent agency to be awarded “South Asia Independent Agency of the Year” 1st person to be awarded “South Asia Strategic Brand Planner of the Year” 1st Sri Lankan agency to win best of show and gold at Indie Awards 2021.

As Chief Strategy Officer Shehan has helped transform the agency as one of the most awarded agencies in Sri Lanka with over 50 international awards. In 2022 Triad was touted as the agency with the highest number of awards at Effie Awards Sri Lanka with 17 awards. Shehan was the strategy lead behind “#LivesFirst” a fundraising initiative spearheaded by the Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka raising over LKR 2 Billion for the ‘Itukama COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund’ and in 2021 strategized the launch of Sri Lanka’s 1st Touchless ATM network which has been touted as a “National Service” by helping people stay safe from COVID-19 by staying touchless.