SAB Marketing Connections

SAB Marketing Connections, deeply rooted in Latin America, offers a unique collaborative platform for independent agencies and major global advertisers, leveraging AI for innovative marketing strategies. As a minority-owned network with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, it boasts significant female leadership, with women leading in 8 out of 13 countries. During their second annual meeting, key strategies were developed to elevate SAB MC and its agencies. SAB MC's achievements are impressive. They have earned prestigious awards such as the Winna and IAB, with some agencies recognized as Google Partner Premier in 2023 and others certified as ‘B’ companies for sustainable marketing efforts. As sponsors of the 'Sustainable Eye' at the 'El Ojo de Iberoamérica' festival, they have made a significant impact internationally. Serving high-profile clients like UNICEF, Merck, BYD, Direct TV, and the Sugar Cane Federation in Colombia, they cover a wide range of industries and regions, with 23 independent agencies across more than 13 countries, and are expanding into Europe and Asia. Their growth is remarkable, with a 45% increase in offices and over 40% increase in employees (+300) from 2021 to 2023 includding the acquisition of top talent like Mario Lagos, Pancho Gonzalez, and Mauricio Sabogal.