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What makes Rory Gallery such a compelling and exciting choice for ‘Global Strategic Planning Leader of the Year’ is not the obvious things...

Not for the Global Effie Award he won for Tourism New Zealand’s incredibly ambitious ‘Good Morning World’ (alongside campaigns like Nike’s ‘Dream Crazy’ and Burger Kings ‘Whopper Detour’ Not for the ‘Asia Pacific Agency of the Year’ title. The first time the APAC Effie title has gone to an independent agency. Not for the APG Grand Planning Award - Australia’s top strategic award, the first time a New Zealand agency has won it... Not for being named Campaign Asia ‘Planner of the Year’ in 2021. Or the fact that he led Special to be named Campaign ‘Global Creative Agency of the Year’, the first time an agency from the southern hemisphere has won. No, he should be awarded this title because he led a team that achieved all of this, and more, with a team of just 6. To achieve all of this with an SAS sized team is something quite extraordinary. But Rory has led his team from the front and proved he is one of the very best strategic leaders of 2021.