In January 2021, we were so thankful for having survived 2020. Not only had we survived, but Rethink has also experienced its best year on record. We did that by relying on what had made Rethink successful for 21 years: a focus on People, Product, and Profit - in that order. So as we looked at the year ahead, we challenged ourselves to level up with our most ambitious goals yet and an intention to not use the pandemic as a false barrier. Although we had clear goals and plans to achieve them, we shocked ourselves with the outcomes:

45% revenue growth D&AD #2 Independent Agency One Show #3 Independent Agency Cannes #3 Independent Agency Effies #1 North American Independent Agency of the Year Rethinkers happier than ever before (according to our twice-yearly “Culture Check” survey. Opened a new office in New York. How did we do it? We doubled down on our values: Lead with Respect. Be Relentless. Pursue what’s Rewarding. In short, our secret sauce has been leading from our values to create an authentic people-first culture.