We’ve been Rethinking for 25 years.

Rethinking how people are treated so that they can both do the best work of their careers and live their best lives. Rethinking how we challenge the conventions of marketing. Rethinking how to run an independent agency so that everyone shares in the profit and never sells. The results this year?: Record high-revenue. We reached our highest top-line revenue in Rethink’s 24-year history. Recognition at all levels. For strategy, creative, and business results, we’ve been recognized by award shows globally (#1 Indy at the One Show, #2 Indy at Cannes) and closer to home in North America (#1 Indy at the Effies). Setting the standard for the industry: Increasing IBPOC industry representation with a high-school recruitment program. Launched “Independents Week”, a week in the summer so that our staff could enjoy actual time off without the pressures back at the office. Pet Insurance. We offer comprehensive health insurance for the whole family -including your dogs and cat. After all, our pets are often our most beloved family members.