Propel Manila


This is a story of how our culture became a bright, guiding light in battling a series of pandemics in the workplace. While the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected our business and our people, it also shed a spotlight on an unseen pandemic lurking beneath the workforce: The mental health pandemic which ravaged the wellbeing of our workplace and led to what Harvard Business Review coined as the “workplace burnout pandemic”. How we battled these pandemics that severely affected our people while battling business shutdowns and how we emerged very successfully is a story we’re very proud to tell. We are Propel Manila. We believe culture is our strongest asset. It’s an always-on reminder of our mission to create work that the world needs and work that makes people better. It drives our business. It drives our people. It’s our differentiator. It’s our guide. It keeps us inspired, and it keeps us together.