OMD Worldwide

OMD has no direct competitor today among global media agency networks, emerging as "one strong leader ahead of an eight- agency pack.” RECMA Agency Diagnostics Report October This year, the industry helped write our entry with headlines like these: OMD Dominates Global Media Agency Landscape in COMvergence's New Business Barometer OMD Named Best Performing Global Media Network COMvergence: OMD Remains the Top Global Media Agency with $22.5 in Total Billings OMD Ranked #1 for Competitiveness and Consistency Over Three-Year Assessment Some might look at this collection and see a straightforward narrative about a global media agency at the top of its game. The biggest. The best. The winningest. The most consistent. And they would be right. But when we add up these superlatives, we see something else. Because when you are the biggest, the best, the winningest, and the most consistent, you are also something else. are the leader. with leadership comes a mandate. A mandate to advance the industry. To innovate for new challenges. Reveal new opportunities. Accelerate growth for our clients, our network and our people. In other words, to create what’s next.

In 2023, OMD not only earned that mandate…we delivered on it.