How did OMD close-out 2021 with a record-breaking $2.1 billion in new business and retained billings (up 110% from 2020’s $1 billion), achieve our highest client satisfaction scores to date, while all the time developing our in-house ‘We’re all in’ culture - to ensure our people thrive in a more equitable workplace that represents the diversity of culture and community across the EMEA region?

We achieved all this and more by making ‘Better decisions, faster’ which result in better connections and being better together. ‘Better connections’ saw us retain two of the biggest pitches of the year, launch OMD Green to build better sustainable connections across Europe and run over 500 well-being sessions to support our people. ‘Better together’ saw us collaborate to win 132 pitches and 104 award wins, including 38 Cannes Lions, 26 Effies, and 18 recognitions for our people. ‘Better decisions’ saw us undertake upgrades to our holistic marketing platform Omni, and OMD Design, where we have made improvements to better utilise ‘Objects’, build in commerce and sustainability capabilities, and launch the OMD Design App. 2021 has been record-breaking in a number of ways for OMD EMEA, and we couldn’t have done any of it without our 10,000+ OMDers across Europe, who lived our values and brought Better decisions, Better connections and Better together, to life.