OLIVER / U-Studio

United Kingdom

U-Studio was proudly named Campaign’s Global In-House Agency of the Year 2020, and we hope to defend that title...

U-Studio stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Unilever through the onset of the pandemic. Today, it’s helped Unilever embark on a rapid transformation programme for a changed world. U-Studio’s unique in-house model – with its scale, resilience and flexibility underpinned by world-class technology – has evolved its marketing ecosystem to serve Unilever brands whilst supporting industry-leading initiatives to drive environmental consciousness and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Using proprietary methodologies, U-Studio implemented new tech-led capabilities and ways of working, raising creative standards and helping Unilever’s brands stand out in culture. Its powerful, purpose-led initiatives for brands like Rexona and Matey, have tackled important societal issues with insight, creativity and charm. On a practical level, elevating brands’ social commerce prowess has made products effortless to buy, and we’ve bolstered expertise across beauty, e-commerce, influencer marketing and creative automation, leading to a record-breaking year in awards. Now offering more services to Unilever’s brands than ever before, U-Studio is defining what in- house agencies can really achieve. We’re reaching more consumers, faster and more effectively