United Kingdom

In 2020, OLIVER was named Campaign’s UK Digital Network of the Year. This year, we’ve come of age on the global stage. Despite pioneering the world’s most successful in-house agency model, we’ve proved to be much more. We work seamlessly with brands to help them drive digital growth, evolve their marketing ecosystems, and connect teams and creativity globally.

As first-responders, we helped global clients with their post-pandemic fightback; taking an adaptive approach to help them navigate uncertainty. We’ve supported brands with a broader range of marketing activities, including brand building, social commerce, live commerce, connected design and service design, helping streamline and connect customer experiences, as well as deliver award-winning results. OLIVER was named Agency of the Year 7 times in markets like Brazil, US, EMEA and Indonesia in 2021. We won 37 clients, broadened our scope with existing ones and we’re now present in 40 markets worldwide. All this resulted in another year of unprecedented growth: 43% globally. On average, saving clients 30% on their marketing spend. OLIVER continues to create a better, fairer, industry. Our work in the field of DE&I has seen us win major accolades, including being listed in The Sunday Times’ ‘Best Places To Work’.