Naomi Troni

Wunderman Thompson

United Kingdom

It’s not often agency leaders get to start with a truly blank sheet of paper, but Naomi has engineered Wunderman Thompson’s global marketing for growth strategy from the ground up.

When she joined, Wunderman Thompson had been formed the year before. It was the largest start-up in the world; full of potential and highly intelligent talent, but with a brand and marketing framework to be created. This involved giving shape to the Wunderman Thompson brand, creating an internal comms framework capable of turning 20,000 employees into brand advocates, building sophisticated global marketing platforms, and creating a new business ecosystem to drive growth. 2021 was the year when all this hard work started to pay off. The Wunderman Thompson brand is now on a path to be one of the most most differentiated in the industry. Our colleagues around the world are passionate cheerleaders. Our marketing platforms are driving demand on a global level. Our new business teams, tools and tactics are transforming this demand into unprecedented growth. In the last 12 months, Naomi has managed to turn the blank sheet of paper that she started with into a modern rule book for effective agency marketing.