Momentum Worldwide

United States

At Momentum Worldwide, we are people of the world, not divorced from it.

First and foremost, in everything we do, we remind ourselves of that fact. Being always mindful of what happens in and outside our agency, we know that every one of our voices and all of our different experiences matter. We believe in each other. Not just as colleagues and coworkers, but as people. Wherever we come from and whoever we are, our distinctness is our strength, bringing us a sense of shared knowledge and solidarity. Throughout 2021, as a team of many partners, we built on everything we achieved in a very challenging 2020 by continuing to work closely together to create opportunity from a still uncertain landscape for our business, our clients and ourselves. As we “return to live” and bring people back together, determined as we are to make people smile, laugh, connect and share with family, friends, fellow-fans and like-minds once again, we all understand that we must forever work on our own ability to come together. We are Momentum.