Mindshare Worldwide

United Kingdom

This is the story of how the Mindshare central marketing team would transform the agency with its new CEO, Adam Gerhart, in his first year as Mindshare’s Global CEO.

Mindshare’s global marketing team is a nimble, close-knit team that crosses strategy and creative, comprising a four-person marketing and communications team alongside a team of three designers. All bring different areas of expertise and perspectives together to deliver marketing and communications both internally and externally to drive Mindshare’s reputation and business. This team worked hand in hand with the Mindshare Global CEO in 2021 to transform Mindshare in a global pandemic, with a first time CEO replacing a founder who had been removed from the business, and whilst undertaking the most intense 12 months of pitching the agency and the industry has ever seen. Alongside the CEO, and with the support of all key internal stakeholders, the marketing team created a strategic approach to this transformation that would see them: 1.Create and communicate a new and progressive vision for clients, the agency, the industry and its people 2.Onboard, communicate and embed a new and renewed global leadership team 3.Develop and launch a new brand identity to support a new suite of capabilities designed to reposition the agency as a media services company. The role of the marketing team in the strategic development, creation, internal roll out and external communication of these key parts of the agency’s transformation was central to the success that the agency saw in 2021.