Michael Lee

Agency: VCCP

United Kingdom

In his new role as Chief Strategy Officer, VCCP Partnership, Michael has been instrumental in driving some of VCCP's most significant initiatives this year. He has ensured that the agency remains at the forefront of our industry-leading the development of new capabilities, such as 'faith' (our dedicated AI agency), 'VCCP Bee' (our employee engagement division), and overseeing our largest and most exciting acquisition to date - Cowry Consultancy. He has also driven our VCCP Stoke Academy which alongside his role as Chair of the APG, has seen him strive to ensure that talent from all backgrounds can enter the industry. ‘Michael's most remarkable quality is his ability to identify, recruit and cultivate a department of more than a hundred exceptional planners. Over the last decade, he has shaped and inspired this extraordinary array of talent, encompassing the full spectrum of modern strategic disciplines from data analytics and UX, to experience mapping and classical brand planning. Michael is much more than a world-class CSO, he is a true agenda-setter in a market beset by incumbent thinking. He has created a global strategic powerhouse and we are very lucky to have him’. Charles Vallance, VCCP Chairman & Founder.