MediaCom Australia


After the year that was 2020, never has there been a greater need to step back and consider a wider context to uncover new perspectives, fresh opportunities, and hidden challenges. This is what “Seeing The Bigger Picture” aimed to do in 2021.

We launched “Seeing The Bigger Picture” as MediaCom’s new positioning in response to the myriad of challenges facing society, industry, our clients, and our staff. This was our opportunity to not only return to the business we were pre-COVID, but to look forward to the business we wanted to become in an industry of unprecedented change. Our objectives in 2021 were simple across both MediaCom and our clients: (1) focus on people first, and (2) achieve better results for the business in the short and long term. The results speak for themselves. People First: 84% of MediaCom staff were happy and engaged, demonstrated by a 25% attrition rate in Australia over the last 12 months, compared with an industry average of 29%. Better Results: In 2021, we improved revenue by 12.7% YoY coming both from organic growth and new business wins. Our new positioning saw new relationships develop with the likes of Bayer, The Coca-Cola Company, Warner Bros, Star Entertainment, Milwaukee Tools, the Sunsuper - Qsuper merger, Arlo, and La Prairie (an 80% new business success rate). Our advanced capabilities in Data, Analytics, and Ecommerce grew more than threefold in three years.