United Kingdom

We knew 2021 was going to be a huge year. Not only were new business pitches harpooned in 2020 by the global pandemic, but we were coming up for some major contract renewals. Several of our global clients were also planning big consolidations.

We also had other challenges thanks to Covid. Not only were some big pitches delayed from 2020, but, more significantly, the pandemic hit businesses where it hurt. Profits were impacted, opportunities transformed, and new challenges emerged. The year was going to be very busy for MediaCom’s small Global Business Development team. It was critical that we worked as a true matrix organization, staying agile to tackle multiple projects concurrently. It ended up our most successful-ever year for new business and client retention, all driven by the core Global Business Development team. We did it by leaning into our brilliant network and regional teams; together rallying people around a challenger mentality that found even more successful solutions to our clients’ challenges. At the same time, we revamped our approach to pitching and put renewed focus on our teams’ mental health.