The Material Group is a PR agency group committed to the mission of "Switch the Materials to Red." with the vision of "Switch to Red. - Lighting the passion in individuality, changing values and common sense, and making the world heated up." In August 2018, we were the only East Asian agency ranked in the "Global Creativity Report 2018 - PR Agency Ranking" announced by Cannes Lions and nominated 18th in the world.

Material Group's "Switch to Red." is rooted in our desire to use PR to enliven Japan, whose momentum is weakening amid rapidly growing global competitiveness, and to raise the country's body temperature by even a single degree. We hope to redraw the world's landscape by lighting a passion for this country's industries, services, and underlying craftsmanship, which are truly valuable and unique, and maximizing their potential. To this end, we have been actively engaged in strategic M&A and the development of solutions beyond the framework of a traditional PR agency to expand the value we provide to our clients.