Material is a brand-building company founded in 2005. With the mission of "bringing happiness to everyone involved in the brand," we are proposing innovative solutions in areas such as public relations, media planning, and digital marketing. In the "Global Creativity Report 2018 - PR Agency Ranking" announced by Cannes Lions in August 2018, we are the only agency in East Asia to be ranked and have been nominated as 18th in the world. In 2020, we were awarded the "Best Partnership Company" by P&G, for forging a relationship as a PR partner for more than four years.

We believe that PR has various forms and has great potential. For example, maximizing the market capitalization of a company. Enhancing the organizational strength of a company through human resources. Creating a system that keeps ongoing sales of products and brands in society. Connecting people's talents with the world. We are a PR agency with a desire to continue to create new possibilities for PR while constantly taking on challenges, centered on story design that connects society and brands.