Luke Smith


United Kingdom

Luke Smith is the CEO and co-founder of independent digital agency, Croud. Founded in 2011, Luke envisioned an agency which would cater to clients’ 24/7/365 demands, disrupt the traditional agency model and liberate digital experts globally from the confines of their 9-to-5 office lives.

Whilst the agency has developed considerably in that time, the vision and values set out by Luke in 2011, are the same as they are today. Croud’s unique culture is the beating heart of its success and is set and led by Luke. He firmly believes in the benefits of fairness and trust in business, champions open communication and honesty, and always leads by example. In 2021 Luke made sure the agency maintained the furious momentum and energy that is his hallmark, despite the challenges endured by many businesses over the past 18 months. He continues to champion the growing shared idea of an empowered, globally-connected and remote workforce, allowing the agency to achieve new levels of saliency.