IDEASXMACHINA applies the sei-katsu-sha principle to working “hybrid” and provides never-before-heard options for its employees, including:

• The Sei-katsu-sha House - a first in the industry staff living spaces for geographically-challenged employees asked to work on-site from time to time. • The three-month intensive Learn to Unlearn program in the creative teams to synergize ideation and team dynamics in this hybrid generation. • The IDEASXMACHINA Command Center – the biggest data center in Metro Manila. • The Hakuhodojo - the network’s primary training program for Creatives. • International Internships and Exchange Programs that allows local talents to train overseas. • The Haba Healthy Life program that funds passions that improve physical and mental health. All these opportunities led to the attrition rate going down by 53% versus last year’s number, proving that employees stay when you open doors for them. The best place to work shouldn’t just be an agency with fancy-schmancy benefits. It has to be the agency that furthers its employees’ professional careers by providing them with the best of the best opportunities there are — that is IDEASXMACHINA.