Agency: IDEASXMACHINA Hakuhodo


In 2023, IDEASXMACHINA turned a new leaf by overhauling its leadership to power the modern, hybrid workplace. The organization elevated homegrown talents to continue spearheading people-centric programs that preserve its lauded culture as observed in these milestones:

• The Sei-katsu-sha House - a first in the industry staff living spaces for geographically-challenged employees asked to work on-site from time to time. • The three-month intensive Learn to Unlearn program in the creative teams to synergize ideation and team dynamics in this hybrid generation. • The IDEASXMACHINA Command Center – the biggest data center in Metro Manila. • The Hakuhodojo - the network’s primary training program for Creatives. • International Internships and Exchange Programs that allows local talents to train overseas. • The Haba Healthy Life program that funds passions that improve physical and mental health. All these contributed to more intensified local and international contracts proving once again why IDEASXMACHINA Group of Hakuhodo is the reigning and three-time Campaign Global Talent Development Programme of the Year.