IDEASXMACHINA Group of Hakuhodo


IDEASXMACHINA’s mission is to be the foremost teaching agency in the world. It is no surprise that in this group of companies, talent development takes front and center.

In 2021, the agency proved that talent flourishes where it is encouraged. Creating an intricately-integrated company that redefined how advertising is done through overall orchestration with home-grown young talents leading their own business units is key to surviving a global depression. Developed new business revenue equivalent to PHP 75.55 million pesos (1.48M USD) from high-performing sub-groups or 31.95% of total company revenue for 2021. Ended the year with a 92% employee retention rate through efforts like the Hakuhodojo Training Facility and the Sikat S’ya Creative Competition. Elevated leaders under 30 to ExeCom, MD, and ECD roles in an unprecedented move that shocked the industry. Lauded in the global Hakuhodo network for most effective crisis response after posting a total company revenue of PHP 241 million (4.76M USD) in this pandemic year. Introduced the Caregiver Leave to provide COVID-19 support not only to affected employees but even to their immediate relatives. IDEASXMACHINA Group of Hakuhodo is the reigning Campaign Global and two-time Asia-Pacific Talent Management Team of the Year.