IDEASXMACHINA Group of Hakuhodo


ASYMPTOTIC. This is how IDEASXMACHINA approaches the pursuit to become the best place to work for in the world. With continuous innovations in talent management and never-before-seen benefits, the organization is getting closer and closer to perfecting the most efficient and productive of work environments. For 2021, the company has made great strides as front-runners in this category.

Game-changing Caregiver Leave that allows COVID-stricken employees to take an additional, paid 7-day break to recover, and also care for their family members. Elevated leaders under 30 to ExeCom, MD, and ECD roles in an unprecedented move that shocked the industry. Achieved 92% employee retention rate with zero lay-offs and pay cuts. Established the Better Normal Fund as well as the IDEASXMACHINA Education Fund which provided financial support not only to its employees but also their children. Created the Hakuhodojo Training Facility and Sikat S’ya Philippines Network Competition, that inspires synergy amongst the Hakuhodo companies in the country and creativity, diversity and even profitability in the workplace through friendly competition. Instilled and implored employees to head their own civic projects through the establishment of HEROIXM - the agency’s own social responsibility arm. This led to the creation of Kapamilya Tayong Lahat – a movement that created more than 25,000 jobs. A creative shop in the Philippines that stayed on the black and the only Hakuhodo network partner in Southeast Asia to record profit during a global depression. IDEASXMACHINA Group of Hakuhodo is the reigning Campaign Global Best Place to Work – Individual Shop.