Icon Agency


As Icon Agency’s first Sales Director, Rob Cleeve has made a significant contribution to Icon’s emergence as one of the largest independent communications agencies in Australia, following its biggest ever year of growth, in 2021.

Rob is involved in almost every new business opportunity at Icon. He cultivates strong relationships – even when unsuccessful in a pitch, prospective clients have remained in touch and even referred other opportunities to Icon. Icon’s success is a collective effort from its 80+ staff, and Rob has implemented several major initiatives to ensure future prosperity. These include working closely with the Head of Marketing to align sales and marketing, introducing and launching a CRM system himself, and leveraging tools to streamline operations and identify and connect with key stakeholders. Rob brings a conscientious approach to his work underpinned by a profound sense of honesty. He puts a high priority on Icon winning the right clients to underpin our expertise and values. As a colleague, Rob is generous with his time and has embraced mentoring his first sales hire with a fastidious and caring approach.