George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

United States

For over a century, George P. Johnson has been regarded as an inventive organization that breaks new ground on behalf of the world's premier brands. This reputation stems from early fabrication breakthroughs such as animated product displays, interactive exhibit design and large-scale production, but today also includes GPJ's unique position as the industry's most advanced, strategic and consultative experience marketing agency.

Founded in 1914, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing was originally a flag and decoration company. In the 1950's, GPJ was instrumental in the development of trade shows as a method of marketing products and by the 1960's, was a leader and innovator in the exhibition medium itself. As convention centers were built, trade shows began to evolve from decoration to custom-designed exhibits fabricated by specialists. GPJ began providing turnkey on-site exhibit management and event coordination. In the 1990s-2000s, GPJ expanded its services to include a consultative approach to event marketing that now includes a complete range of strategic planning tools, creative ideation and event services across a range of event types. Today, George P. Johnson is leading the effort to transform traditional event and experience marketing into a new model where live and virtual experiences measurably contribute to a precise, always-on and highly-coordinated stream of integrated brand touchpoints and actionable data. Our dedicated, team-oriented approach has consistently helped our clients exceed their goals as well as their audiences' expectations. Nowhere is this success more evident than in the decades-long relationships we maintain with leaders in a variety of industries.