Fiftyfive5, part of Accenture Song


2023 marked 13 years of consecutive growth for Fiftyfive5 since we started in 2010. Now 225 people strong, we have 6 offices in 4 countries, and conducted work in 50 countries in 2023. We remain steadfast to our founding principles; find the best talent, foster a great working environment; and deliver high-quality work that delivers commercial impact.

Throughout this growth, we have consistently focused on delivering genuine commercial impact for our clients and creating opportunities for growth. This focus on commercial outcomes rather than simply research sets us apart, and why clients stay (8 of our 10 clients from our first year in business in 2010 spent with us in 2023), and our people remain (we have 87% staff retention). We have continued to hire the best talent to deliver impactful client work - 65 net new people in 2023 in the toughest labour market ever experienced. We are focused on developing the next generation of research talent and enhancing market research's reputation. We hired 13 graduates and partnered with eight Universities in three countries, contributing to career days and university course content. We partner with all of our peak industry bodies to further position research as an exciting career.