DDB Group Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The past few years have seen Hong Kong endure some of the harshest COVID restrictions worldwide, off the back of a period of social unrest. DDB Group Hong Kong's focus had therefore been on surviving rather than thriving. The start of 2023 was a time for DDB Group Hong Kong to build some momentum and gain some traction.

2023 was a year that started with big ambitions.... to move closer to the agency's vision of becoming world-class. A strategy that involved some highly ambitious imperatives resulted in a notable growth in revenue and profit, numerous awards at both local and international levels, increased agency recognition with 22% more media mentions, and a remarkable 19% boost in staff satisfaction. Ultimately, crowned as the most effective agency at the Hong Kong Effie Awards, and being awarded the “Best of Hong Kong” Blue Dragon at the Dragons of Asia Awards, DDB Group Hong Kong has established itself as Hong Kong's go-to creative effectiveness agency rather than just an advertising agency, acting as valued business partners who drive real, tangible results for clients, positively impacting their top and bottom lines, setting them apart from competitors.