Dany Minaker & Sebastian 'Patán' Tarazaga

Wunderman Thompson

United Kingdom

Dany Minaker & Sebastian ‘Patán’ Tarazaga joined Wunderman Argentina as Chief Creative Officers in 2015, when the agency didn’t have any creative credentials. In a short time, they made Wunderman Argentina the most creative agency in the network, and one of the most awarded in the country. In 2020, they were part of the regional team that led the merger of Wunderman with JWT in Latin America, taking on the challenge of building a unique culture for the agency and showcasing this new identity through the work. They focused their efforts on building their creative output for the top clients in the region, and defined Wunderman Thompson LATAM’s culture of one of collaboration and inclusivity, built through their ‘one team’ philosophy which brings together multidisciplinary and diverse teams who they inspire on a day-to-day basis.

In 2021, their labour of love came to fruition, as Wunderman Thompson LATAM won over 245 creative awards with 14 Grand Prix under their belt, including the first Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix in Argentina’s history, and the first Grand Prix at Epica for all of LATAM. Under their guidance, Wunderman Thompson LATAM has created work that really makes a difference to the lives of many in LATAM, and the rest of the world, shining a light on creativity in the region.