&Co. / NoA


&Co. is a creative agency in the heart of Copenhagen that believes creativity is the fastest way to grow businesses, change hearts and transform society. Through the combination of strategy, creativity, unselfish collaboration and brave clients we’ve created work that’s traveled the world. It’s gotten people to wear bike helmets, vote at the EU election, try liquorice even though they hate it, rethink logistics or reflect on what’s truly scandinavian. Work that…well…works really really well. It creates change, visible results, growth and has been accoladed every major award including Epica Agency of the Year. All of this is the result of a strong agency culture that values niceness, craft and diversity. Coming from a tiny nation like Denmark we know that our thinking and creativity has to punch above its weight, and that it’s only possible when everyone feels safe enough to say or do something that seems stupid at first. Like getting the planner and creative department to form a ballet company or creating a sample campaign that will run for 412 years. Originality comes from stupidity that is taken seriously. And we always try to do stupidly original things for ourselves, our clients, and society.