Cat Lyon and Sean O'Brien

Agency: half rhino


Cat and Sean, are the co-founders of half rhino and act as co-CEO’s.

They buck the traditional industry thinking of one leader, dividing this role equally and leaning into their complimentary skill sets. The ‘Harvard Business Review’ recently published that “this approach consistently produces stronger results – particularly for businesses in disruptive or innovative industries”. This provides more focused time working directly with clients, mentoring their people and creating social impact. Cat and Sean’s different cultural and generational backgrounds provide a unique and diversified view of global client needs. They recognised clear space for a new, independent approach, moving away from the tradition large, matrixed network models. This led to the start of half rhino - establishing a differentiated business offering with no direct competitors, and a unique business model to win high value clients from more established network groups, creative agencies, and consultancies across the world. A brand and experience consultancy, that can execute at speed. As co-leaders they remain true to their vision, focusing on culture, attracting a diverse team of talent, best in class partners, and delivering work that helps the community, focused on sustainability, wellbeing, and social impact.