Carmina Marie C. Cruz

The Huddle Room


ACTion Leader in Advocacy

Carmina Marie C. Cruz, fondly called “Dimples” is an ACTvocate (advocate in action) of native, integrated, independent start up agencies that thinks big, creates big change through action in advocacy. Under her leadership ACTs, agency continues to drive double digit growth in new clients and being named Philippines Independent Agency of the Year 2019-2020 Best in Industry Leadership and Community Service on building future industry leaders and her personal advocacy in advancing children’s rights and welfare. One of 100 Significant Women in Native Advertising globally, her strong stance in innovation transformed the agency – from cross-platform content to game changing collaborations resulting to quadrupled agency billings and expanded verticals for the past 5 years winning. multiple recognitions in Campaigns AOY Southeast Asia and globally via Native Advertising. Her leadership in action, led to the development of 8 agency departments: total of 70 action oriented people. Initiated transformation of Accounts Management to evolve into hybrid team as Communications Engagement Team – catering to clients alongside understanding audiences via strategic thinking, influencer, experiential marketing in a native approach. She initiated WAW - wellness at work program and continuous agency advocacy in advancing children's rights and education through partner orphanage. A strong-willed and compassionate woman, whose leadership, strategic business skills and financial acumen are innately part of her DNA. With her sixth sense in business, Dimples has given the agency and clients more reasons to smile with The Huddle Room being one of the fastest independent GROWTH agency today.