Cade Heyde

Special Australia


This is a quite amazing story of how one of Special Australia’s founding partners helped to triple profits and scale Special Group globally, and in doing so, be crowned Campaign UK’s Global Agency Agency of the Year.

Under Cade’s joint leadership, Special grew its partnership with Uber Eats to 8 markets, was crowned with 15 Agency of the Year titles during the judging period and steered Specials U.S office to ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the 2021 AdAge Awards, also taking home ‘Campaign of the Year’ for reuniting Wayne’s Word in its first ever Super Bowl work for Uber Eats. Perhaps the biggest achievement of Cade’s career is the relationship and scale he has built with Special’s flagship client. The Uber Eats partnership has scaled to dizzying heights and catapulted Special around the globe. With trust, openness and integrity Cade has built a genuinely innovative and world class partnership that has resulted in a story of growth like no other.