Adam Gerhart

Mindshare Worldwide

United Kingdom

In 2020, the story of Mindshare was a story of Human Endurance, as it was for everyone in the industry.

But in 2021 the story was about Adam’s transformation of Mindshare into a modern media services company, across four areas: 1. A founder-led agency transformation – departing from the previous leadership, a founder, and encompassing a change in culture and values. 2. An industry-led transformation - with new demands and requiring new capabilities, products and services to meet that demand. 3. A holding company-driven transformation – focusing on new ways of working and more integration, led by client demand. 4. A business vision transformation – finding a way to use media to make the world a better place. Not only did Adam need to achieve these four transformations, he also had to do it: in the midst of a global pandemic when it was impossible to physically connect with people, dealing with ongoing civil unrest in one of the largest markets (and his home market), and at the same time undertaking the most intense 12 months of pitching the agency and the industry has ever seen and defending some of our largest clients, who had called reviews in the first 90 days of Adam’s tenure. And doing so as a first time CEO, replacing a founder who had been removed from the business. This is the story of Adam Gerhart and his first year as Mindshare’s Global CEO.